Whether this is the first time that you board a plane or you are an experienced passenger of high-altitude travel, you have to admit that flying is quite stressful.

Every part of aircraft travel is nerve-wracking in its own way:

  • The fear of missing your flight
  • The crowded airports
  • The overly long security check
  • The delays
  • The cancellations

And these stress factors appear before you even take off the airport strip. Next, you have the “pleasure” of sitting next to a crying toddler for three hours straight eating overpriced peanuts and trying to ignore that you are traveling at over 30,000 ft. in a rather fragile metal bird.

Since you cannot drive a car or ride a train everywhere, you need to find ways to make flying less stressful. Here are some ideas:

Save an entire day for it

The FAA estimates that more than 2.7 million people fly each day over the United States.

That number is huge enough to give you anxiety. Imagine that if you were stuck in traffic on your way to the airport with only 1% of all these people, you would miss your flight without the right to ask for compensation.

To take one stress factor out of the way, you can reserve an entire day for your flight schedule. Regardless of when your plane takes off, you should get to the airport with at least six hours before.

Check-in your bags, go past the security control and relax in one of the airport’s lounges. Spend your time enjoying a drink or a nice meal and make your environment stress-free until departure time.

Pack entertaining devices

Waiting for your plane to take off usually feels like an eternity, especially when it is delayed. To make time go by easier, you should bring as many entertaining devices as you can. Pack your gaming laptop, an iPad for watching your favorite series or even an old-fashioned Game Boy.

Anything that takes your mind off the clock is a great addition to your luggage. Even if you are not an avid reader, a book may become your best friend while waiting to depart.

Entertainment options are also efficient for passing the time during the flight. If you cannot sleep, at least you can binge-watch the entire Chuck Norris’ filmography.

Bring your own snacks

If you hate airplane food or you simply don’t want to pay for it, you should bring your favorite snacks on board. Nothing spells excitement best than knowing that you have an entire bag of munchies to devour over a three-hour flight.

Have a backup compensation plan

Last, but not least, the thing that makes flying stressful the most is the possibility of having your flight unreasonably delayed or canceled.

If you are in a situation where the airline company keeps you grounded, it comes in handy to have a backup compensation plan.

Your best choice is to work with experts in this field who can help you check your compensation rights and even claim back your money. Seeing cash returning to your wallet is probably the best anti-stress therapy.

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